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      Name: Francesco M. Munafò

      Born: 19/11/68

      Skills: computer programming, web page & multimedia authoring

      Languages: English, Italian, French

      Computer languages: C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, Director's Lingo, Hypertalk, NewtonScript, HTML, Java are the best known. most others are supported. I also use the QuickTime VR developement tools.

      Contact Information

      eMail: TheSurfer@eSurfers.com
      Web: http://eSurfers.com/francesco/guests.htm
      Phisical address: Via S. Gregorio 55, 20124, Milano, Italy
      Fax: +39 2 66981806 (attn: Francesco M. Munafo')

      Student at the mathematics dept. of the University of Milan, Italy, can be hired as a free-lance professional for jobs involving computer programming or web authoring, building custom solutions taylored for your own needs and business.

      Solutions can range from the creation of an internet world wide web home page to the complete administration of a shop's activities, from the collection and wireless transmission of data with portable devices, to the creation of CD-ROM catologs, presentations or multimedia titles.

      Unexplored and unknown fields are welcome!

      My platforms of choice are Apple's Mac and Newton but also MS-DOS and Windows 16/32 are supported (of course).

      I am particularly specialized in developing multiplatform multimedia titles in Director and C/C++, or putting them on web pages using Shockwave, Java or CGI applications.

      I also do technical support to other Director programmers (licencing libraries of code) and can develop custom externals in C, C++ if requested.

      Dog: Alice.

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