The NETriz Shockwave Demo Page

This movie takes up 18KBytes of memory including sounds...
Have you shocked your home page lately?

SHOCK the web, don't miss the WAVE.
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<b> <center> <p>Sorry, this is a sample of what you would see with the appropriate software:</p> <p align=center><img src="../gifs/netriz.gif" width=192 height=320> </p> <ul> <p align>To see this page's best features download <a href=""> <img src="../gifs/net2now.gif" alt="netscape 2.0 now!" align=center WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31></a> </p> <p > When you have it, you will also need to <a href=""> <img src="../gifs/getshock.gif" alt="get shockwave!" align=center WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31></a> </p> </center> </b> </ul> <hr>

Last updated on 3-26-1996
Copyright 1994, Francesco M. Munafò.